Best Tennis Shoes for Women 2023

Having the right shoes on as a tennis player can give you an all-new boost of energy. Unlike running shoes or non-specific sneakers, tennis shoes are specifically designed to provide stability during quick movements. Tennis requires 360-degree movement including running backward, pivoting, and even sliding. All you need is a pair of shoes that can support the footwork without stinging.

We talked with professional and college tennis players to find out the best tennis shoes for women. There were so many considerations, however, our team of experts scrutinized each pair and then narrowed it down to the 4 best tennis shoes for women!

Best Tennis Shoes for Women 2023

What to consider before choosing the best tennis shoes?

  • Playing SurfaceThe type of court that you are playing in definitely influences your choice of shoes. Tennis shoes are designed differently to play on various surfaces like clay, grass, or hard court. However, if you keep switching between court surfaces you must go with tennis shoes that are multifunctional.
  • Durability: Most of the players prefer to play on a variety of courts or surfaces. Also, most of the seasoned players love to do quick movements to hit the shot. So if you want to save yourself some money make sure to go with shoes that are durable enough to last a few months.
  • Support: As we know tennis involves running around the court so make sure to use lightweight shoes that help with quicker movement and provide support for the footwork.
  • Fit: The key factor among the shoes is how it fits. A snug shoe or one that fits too much to cramp your toes results in movement restrictions. Always go for tennis shoes that are designed to provide proper room for the ankle and toes.

1. ASICS GEL-Challenger 13 Tennis Shoe

Buy ASICS GEL-Challenger 13 Womens Tennis Shoe

ASICS GEL-Challenger 13 has a rubber sole that enhances stability and improves traction. It has a PGuard Toe Protector that prevents the toes from cramping during long training sessions. The enhanced toe stability of these tennis shoes helps you to give an enhanced performance on the clay court.

Ortholite Sockliner offers moisture management and decreases the burning/stinging feel caused after hours of gameplay. These tennis shoes have a great cushioning system that prevents the impact of shock during quick movements in gameplay. These shoes are flexible enough to allow movement in multiple planes including sliding, backward running, and more.

  • Varied color options
  • Super comfortable

  • Might cause burning with socks on

To maximize your performance and comfort on the court you should consider Insoles. Learn more here!

2. ASICS Solution Swift FF Tennis Shoe

Buy ASICS Solution Swift FF Womens Tennis Shoe

ASICS Solution Swift FF has a super flexible upper that provides support during quick movements. It is one of the most lightweight shoes that provide stability and lessen the impact of shock. It has a super comfortable midsole cushioning that helps you play for 3 straight hours without any stinging or burning during footwork. ASICS Solution Swift FF is available in a variety of stunning colors that look pretty when you play in it. You can wear these shoes on a variety of courts. These tennis shoes help to improve traction with their vertical dash pattern.

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent midsole cushioning

  • Might feel a little tight around the toes

3. Nike Air Zoom Vapor 11 (Women’s) Tennis Shoe

Buy Nike Air Zoom Vapor 11 Womens Tennis Shoe

If you are having trouble with a snug fit with other brands, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor 11 is definitely the right choice for you. These shoes fit perfectly and are among the best-selling tennis shoes on the market. If you are a beginner these shoes are heavy enough to provide stability to slide around. The wide toe area helps you to play long tournaments comfortably. Unlike regular sneakers, it gives you a perfect fit and supports your heel and arch by providing soft cushioning.

  • Great for clay court
  • Sliding friendly

  • Feels heavy and hinders quick movements

4. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Lav V2

Buy New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Lav V2 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Lav V2 is super soft and durable. You get the perfectly cushioned midsole, it’s so comfortable that you don’t feel like wearing anything. These shoes are made up of breathable material that makes them super light and airy. If you are an advanced player, you will love how these shoes aid in fast movements throughout gameplay. These tennis shoes are ideal for people with wide feet since they have a wide toe box that reduces toe cramping. These shoes help with quick direction shifts and lateral motions.

  • Super funky color options
  • Wide toe box

  • Fit rises a little higher on the ankle


How long do tennis shoes last?

A: This usually depends on the frequency and intensity of your gameplay. Most of the seasoned players play up to 2-3 hours every day, which results in early wear of their shoes. The shoes usually last around 2-3 weeks or a maximum of a month. Whereas for a beginner their shoes can last for a few months if they play twice or thrice a week.

Should tennis shoes be heavy or light?

A: The tennis shoes that are lightweight help with agility and extensive running around the court. Whereas heavy tennis shoes help to enhance support and durability and they can be the best choice for beginners. However, it totally depends upon the body weight and play level.

Should I wash my tennis shoes?

A: If you want durability, make sure to rarely wash your shoes in the washing machine, this can decrease the efficacy of your tennis shoes. You should hand wash your shoes and use a mild detergent or a cleaning kit, then make sure to air dry your tennis shoes. This helps your shoes last long.

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