How to Clean and Maintain Your Tennis Shoes

All of us who are interested in tennis know that the equipment here is one of the most expensive out of any sport. If we want to play tennis professionally, our equipment must be in perfect condition. Even for amateurs, however, this is an absolute must, because not everyone can afford to buy a new tennis racket or shoes every month for example.

So, in this article, we will show you how to easily keep one of the most important components of tennis equipment – the shoes, always in perfect condition.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Tennis Shoes

On Which Surface Do Tennis Shoes Get Dirty the Most?

For tennis nerds, this is probably an easy question. However, let's clarify - if you've watched matches on a clay court, you may often notice how tennis players hit the soles of their shoes with their rackets. This is done to remove the material from the clay surface that has gotten into the shoe grippers. If this is not done, there is a high chance of the player slipping (the clay courts are the most slippery), which in turn could lead to a possible injury. 

How To Wash Your Tennis Shoes?

This leads us to our main question: how to wash our tennis shoes? Well, all of us have experienced dirtying our favorite shoes and then asking ourselves “How do I return them to their previous state”. To be honest, the best thing you can do is to buy yourself a shoe cleaning kit. In it, you can find tools like cleaning brushes with hard and soft bristles, mesh laundry bags, as well as foaming cleansers, and shoe deodorizers for making your shoes look brand new. 

It is important to know that sneakers should always be cleaned by hand first and then put in the washing machine if necessary, but NEVER in the dishwasher. Speaking of cleaning your shoes by hand - take a bowl, put water in it, and then pour the special liquid you find in the shoe cleaning kit. 

Then take the stiff brush, dip it in the bowl, and gently scrub the sole and bottom of the shoe. When you're done with that part, rinse and take the soft brush. It serves to clean the upper and more delicate parts of the shoe. You can also use it to remove dirt from the shoe tongue. 

When you finish, you could also put the shoes in the washing machine as well as the laundry bag with the laces in it. And if you do, don’t forget to turn the shoe mode on, from your washing machine settings!

How To Stretch Tennis Shoes?

On one hand, the cheapest way to stretch your shoes is to put thick socks in them, wait a few hours until they relax, and then use a blow dryer on them. On the other hand, however, there are also the so-called “adjustable shoe trees”. Just adjust the length of the shoe tree and put it inside the sneaker. 

How To Dry Tennis Shoes?

You may have thought that with drying out there is also a special trick. But the truth is that the most “crease-friendly” solution for the shoe is to be left in the sun until it dries on its own. A blow dryer can also help but is not usually recommended. 


Maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your tennis shoes involves a combination of proper cleaning, stretching, and drying techniques. Behind every successful tennis player are the basics, which can often be more important than whether you've hit a 100 or 120-mph serve.