Head Sonic Pro Tennis String Review

Head Sonic Pro Tennis String Review- 2023

The Head Sonic Pro tennis string is ideal if you want a string that provides exceptional control and playability. Despite the fact that there are several poly strings on the market, HEAD tennis strings are the best in terms of comfort and control.

Unlike other stiff and control-oriented poly strings, the Head Sonic Pro provides a lively, smooth feel. Head Sonic Pro is an excellent blend of power, control, and durability. It is intended for intermediate club-level or average players. In this Head Sonic Pros Tennis String Review, we will go over the performance and major features of this tennis string in detail!

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Head Sonic Pro Tennis String- Key Features

1. Balances Power and Control
If you are someone who plays aggressive swings and wants the perfect tennis string to control the power for you then Head Sonic Pro can be your go-to string. The soft molecular construction has the ability to control the power generated by explosive swings.

However, if you play more gentle swings then instead of Head Sonic Pro, you must go with the strings that can generate power for your shot. Head Sonic Pro is not one of those strings that can blow you away with its power but can control the intensity of extremely aggressive swings.

Check out our guide on how to choose tennis strings, for a little bit more information on this!

2. String Material and Touch
There are a decent number of multifilament tennis strings that can offer control but when it comes to the best control nothing can beat poly strings. Head Sonic Pro is made up of co-polymer polyester and has a soft touch. Unlike some other poly strings, it is neither too soft nor too stiff, though it primarily depends on how you strung your racquets.

If you are looking for a tennis string that can give you a balance of power, control, touch, and spin, Head Sonic Pro can be a pretty good option for you. It has a crisp feel and is fairly responsive throughout the play, however, after a certain duration, you might need to restring it.

3. Comfort and Durability
In terms of comfort and durability, it is good enough for weekend games and weekly training sessions. Even though you may experience initial loss of tension, Head Sonic Pro is excellent when it comes to durability. Being a monofilament tennis string, you will see that it has a comfortable feel and provides a great touch.

4. Spin Potential
Talking about spin potential, most modern players have developed a topspin, big-hitting game style with the help of polystrings. Whereas spin potential is not a strong area for Head Sonic Pro tennis string. We could still hit smooth groundstrokes and had no trouble hitting slice serves.

Nevertheless, most of us produce natural spin with our strokes, and strings have the least to do with it. But if you want some extra spin, Luxilon Element Tennis String can provide significant spin potential.

What do we like about it?
  • Head Sonic Pro has a good feel to it and has a well-balanced combination of power and control.
  • It is durable and provides a great spin on groundstrokes from the baseline.
  • Head Sonic Pro has a soft feel and is completely forgiving on the elbow.
  • Head Sonic Pro is totally budget-friendly and a good fit for intermediate club-level players.

What needs improvement?
  • Your string may feel dull or muted after 8-10 sets, which is a little low playability duration when it comes to poly strings.


Overall, the Head Sonic Pro is a perfect middle ground for someone who wants power, control, and durability. It is an all-round string that is perfect for players taking part in weekly games and regular competitions. Head Sonic Pro is budget-friendly and has a little bit of everything.

Nonetheless, we would want them to work on comfort and touch, though you can get used to it by the time. You should give it a shot since Head Sonic Pro has the potential to become your go-to string for competitive tennis events!