Head Lynx Tour Tennis String Review

In this review, we delve into the features and performance of the Head Lynx Tour string. As a co-polyester monofilament, this string offers a remarkable balance of control, spin, and tension maintenance. With its unique characteristics and exceptional playability, the Head Lynx Tour aims to elevate your game to new heights.

Head Lynx Tour tennis string review

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Control and Precision - A Player's Dream

The Head Lynx Tour string is designed to empower players with maximum control and precision. Crafted as a co-polyester monofilament, it provides a firm and responsive feel, allowing you to attack the ball with confidence. The string's low-powered response ensures that you can take full cuts at the ball without the fear of overhitting. With Lynx Tour, you can unleash your most powerful strokes while maintaining accuracy and control.

Spin-Friendly Design

For players who crave extra spin, the Head Lynx Tour string delivers exceptional bite. Its unique six-sided profile enhances the string's ability to grab the ball, generating increased rotation and trajectory. Whether you're executing topspin shots or slicing through the ball, Lynx Tour provides the necessary spin to keep your opponents on their toes. The string's spin-friendly nature adds a new dimension to your game, allowing you to hit shots with depth and precision.

Above Average Tension Maintenance

Tension maintenance is a crucial factor in the longevity and performance of a tennis string. With Lynx Tour, Head has achieved above-average tension maintenance for a poly-based monofilament. This means that the string retains its playability characteristics for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy consistent performance throughout your matches. Say goodbye to frequent restringing and hello to a string that keeps up with your demanding game.

The Features of Head Lynx Tour

Gauge: 16/1.30mm
Length: 40ft/12m
Composition: Co-polyester Monofilament
Color Options: Champagne (Gold), Grey, Orange

The Performance of Head Lynx Tour

Exceptional Control and Power

The string's stiffer construction and six-sided profile contribute to its exceptional control, allowing players to swing with confidence and generate pace. Lynx Tour is a perfect match for players with aggressive swings who seek total command over the ball.

Impressive Spin Generation

Spin enthusiasts will find the Head Lynx Tour string to be a valuable asset to their game. The shaped profile, low-friction surface, and explosive upward cuts all contribute to the string's ability to generate significant spin. Lynx Tour provides ample bite, enabling topspin shots to dip effectively within the lines. The string's spin-friendly nature also facilitates precise angle work and slice shots. With Lynx Tour, you can unlock a new level of spin and control, enhancing your overall performance on the court.

Comfort without Compromise

While firm poly strings often come with trade-offs in terms of comfort, the Head Lynx Tour string defies expectations. Despite its stiffer feel, players experienced minimal discomfort and arm pain, even at higher tensions. Lynx Tour offers the high control of a firm string without the usual downsides. Its ability to absorb the ball's impact and provide a responsive feel sets it apart from other poly-based strings. With Lynx Tour, you can enjoy the benefits of a control-oriented string without sacrificing comfort.

Long-Lasting Playability

One of the standout features of the Head Lynx Tour string is its exceptional playability duration. Unlike many poly-based strings that experience noticeable tension loss over time, Lynx Tour maintains its original playing characteristics for an extended period. The consistent performance and prolonged playability of Lynx Tour make it an ideal choice for players seeking durability and longevity.


The Head Lynx Tour string is a standout performer in the world of tennis strings. With its exceptional control, spin-friendly design, above-average tension maintenance, and impressive playability duration, Lynx Tour offers a winning combination for players of all levels. Whether you're a power player seeking precise control or a spin enthusiast looking to enhance your shot-making abilities, the Head Lynx Tour string delivers outstanding performance on every swing.