Luxilon Eco Power Tennis String Review

 For those who are serious about their tennis, a good tennis string can offer a huge advantage. Because of this, players are spoilt for choice when the time comes to browse the market for new tennis strings. The problem is finding the best ones for the job.

One of the latest tennis strings to hit the market is the Luxilon Eco Power. Luxilon have quite the reputation in the tennis world and have put out some impressive products over the years, so we’re expecting big things from this particular string.

Luxilon Eco Power Tennis String Review

 Advertised as durable and resilient, and designed to offer more power, spin, and control, Luxilon Eco Power certainly promises a lot, but can the string deliver on these promises? Here’s an informative review of the Luxilon Eco Power tennis string.

What is the Luxilon Eco Power Tennis String?

The Luxilon Eco Power tennis string features a hexagonal shape. This is deliberate, as it was done to help the string to better grip the ball with each stroke.

As you can see from the ‘Eco’ in the name, this is a product that was designed with sustainability in mind. The string is made from 90% recycled PET bottles, and even comes in recycled packaging too. Luxilon are a brand committed to sustainability. With their 100% solar power initiative, they use solar panels to generate the energy used during the manufacturing process.

The recycled polyester hexagonal construction monofilament provides impressive ball control, along with above-average levels of tension maintenance. It’s a great string for players looking for spin and control. It is also very forgiving on mistakes made during more delicate strokes.


  • Gauge – 1.25mm (17)
  • Color – Marine teal
  • Composition – Monofilament recycled hexagonal polyester
  • Length – 12.2M

Pros and Cons of Luxilon Eco Power

The Luxilon Eco Power tennis string has been on the receiving end of a wide range of positive reviews, and for good reason. There are, however, a few teething problems and issues which will need to be addressed.


We’ll start off with some of the features of this tennis string that have impressed us the most:

More Ball Control and Spin

Because the string features hexagonal edges, it grips the ball far more effectively and offers more control and spin on each stroke. This is great for trickier shots, and helps improve rates of accuracy too.

Looks Great

There’s no denying the fact that the teal color of the string is really eye-catching and looks great. It really helps set it apart from a lot of the other strings out there and gives rackets a bit more personality and uniqueness.


While this doesn’t improve your tennis game, it does benefit the planet we live on. Luxilon are committed to being greener and more eco-friendly. As well as their solar power initiative, the string is made from recycled materials, as is the packaging.


Here’s a look at a couple of things we felt let the Eco Power string down.

Not as Much Power as Expected

Don’t get us wrong, the string still allows players to generate a good amount of power, just not as much as we were expecting. As the string is literally called Eco POWER, we were expecting a little more.

Final Verdict

Okay, so, what did we think of the Luxilon Eco Power tennis string?

Overall, this is a very impressive string. It offers amazing control, spin, and accuracy, and generates just about enough power to suit most styles of play. The hexagonal design of the string pattern really helps to grip the ball and provide heaps of spin on even the trickiest of shots.

We also love how sustainable the string is, and indeed, how eco-friendly the brand are as a whole. Ultimately this is a fantastic tennis string that would suit experienced tennis players looking to elevate their game.