Solinco Confidential Tennis String Review

Solinco Confidential Tennis String Review- 2023

One of the major names in the world of polyester string is Solinco. Most of the Solinco tennis strings usually fall in the category of firm strings. Solinco Confidential is made up of co-poly monofilament and has a four-edge profile that delivers spin as well as control. In the world of tennis strings, Solinco Confidential is one of the most rippable tennis strings. Let’s dive into this review and find out about the performance, precision, and control!

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Solinco Confidential Tennis String- Key Features

1. Power
Talking about the power of the Confidential string, it doesn’t give free power unlike the strings with softer feels. Even if the power is insufficient, you can increase the reward intensity by putting more energy into each shot. However, if you are in search of a string that generates tons of power unfortunately this is a lacking factor in this tennis string. You only get the power depending upon the energy you put into each shot.

2. Touch and Comfort
On the polyester string spectrum, Solinco Confidential tends to have a firm string bed. However, if you prefer the string with a plush feel then this might not be the right tennis string for you. The tactility of Solinco Confidential is not as good as softer strings like Head Sonic Pro. Just like a few of the other tennis strings that we have reviewed, we experienced a little drop in the tension halfway through the playtest.

3. Control
Solinco Confidential tennis string excels when it comes to control. This string has got a crisp feel offering really good spin and control. This string gives you complete control of placing the ball to make ideal shots where you want. Solinco Confidential has got a consistent response and helps you to hit the ball with perfect pace. This string has the ability to keep the ball inside the lines.

4. Durability
Durability is one of the strong suits of Solinco Confidential tennis string. This string is long-lasting and does not need to restring often. You may see a slight drop in tension over time. Even if the tension drop, the string will get a plush feel and balances it out nicely. Nonetheless, even after halfway through the play, you get decent spin and control. The tension drop will still give you an excellent performance, which you can easily get used to.

5. Spin Potential
Solinco Confidential tennis string has got a high degree spin. After getting used to it, you can get some nice angles with plenty of sidespin. This string has the ability to catch the ball really well and then spit it back with a ton of spin. Solinco Confidential rewards heavy hitters and generates both slice and kick serves. If you are more into aggressive shots then you can get some extra spin while the ball falls right into court.

What do we like about it?
  • This tennis string has high spin potential and offers a great deal of confidence.
  • It offers complete precision and control, even a powerful shot falls right inside the court.
  • Solinco confidential has excellent tension maintenance and does not need to restring often.
  • It is one of the best polyester strings with above-average durability.

What needs improvement?
  • Due to the firm feel, the comfort is not very great.


Overall, this tennis string provides excellent spin and control. However, it is not recommended for someone who has an injured elbow or has previously suffered from tennis elbow. This control-oriented string maintains tension quite well. So if you enjoy strong hitting, this tennis string could be the best option for you!