Luxilon Natural Gut Tennis String Review

 Luxilon is a brand which anybody who is familiar with polyester tennis strings will surely recognize. Luxilon have produced some truly exceptional polyester tennis strings in the past and have quite the reputation when it comes to racket string and accessories.

So successful were their polyester strings in fact, that they have decided to roll back the years and try their hand at one of tennis’ oldest markets – natural gut.

Natural gut tennis string is composed of organic animal materials, typically derived from cows. The string is made by extracting and drying fibers from a cow’s intestine, known as the serosa, or serous membrane. These fibers contain elastin and collagen to help the intestine withstand constant expanding and contracting. Because of this wonderful elasticity, these fibers make fantastic tennis racket string, which is why natural gut string is so popular.

Luxilon Natural Gut Tennis String Review

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But is the Luxilon Natural Gut 125 Tennis String set up to standard, or should they go back to Polyester? Here is a brief review to help you make up your mind.

Features of the Luxilon Natural Gut 125 Tennis String?

Made from an organic natural raw material with a unique coating to provide the ultimate in touch control and accuracy, this is a string that is recommended for hybrid stringing to be used in conjunction with monofilament strings, also from Luxilon.

With a low friction coating to enhance durability when paired with a monofilament string in a hybrid configuration, this is a string that offers superior accuracy and also comfort.

Made directly in Belgium, Luxilon has placed an enormous emphasis on attention to detail when creating this string. The low friction surface works in synergy with the polyester string, allowing players to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s durable, it’s grippy, it’s accurate, and it’s a very strong string as well.

To make matters even better, the string also features pre-marking at the halfway point, so players will find it easier than ever to split the set and opt for hybrid stringing, like Luxilon recommend.


  • Gauge – 16L (1.25mm)
  • Color – Natural
  • Length – 40ft (12.2m)
  • Composition – Organic Serosa fibers

Pros and Cons of Luxilon Natural Gut

Spoiler alert, but we found this string very impressive. Here’s a look at what we especially liked, and a couple of things we feel Luxilon could have improved upon.


Great for Power

One of the best attributes of this string, is the power it allows you to generate. Natural gut strings always offer great elasticity and the Luxilon Natural Gut is no different.

Those looking for power on their overheads and serves will find this a great string.


Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable tennis string.

This is one of the most comfortable strings on the market. Without doubt. It will help make even the stiffest of rackets feel much more comfortable, absorbing even the hardest of shots.


Not Fantastic for Spin

Don’t get us wrong, this strong works very well when players are looking to apply spin to their shots, it’s just that we’ve seen some out there that work even better.

Polyester strings for example, tend to have teeth for gripping the ball which this string doesn’t have. Therefore, it can be difficult to apply heaps of spin to your shots.


Natural Guts strings are usually more expensive than polyester or other type strings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Luxilon Natural Gut Tennis String is an extremely impressive string.When used as part of a hybrid setup, players can generate more power and accuracy, and enjoy a very comfortable feeling string.While the string isn’t the best for spin, for intermediates and players who aren’t looking for spin that would rival Rafael Nadal, this is very durable string that feels great and offers fantastic value for money.