Luxilon ALU power Tennis String Review

Luxilon ALU power Tennis String Review

Luxilon Alu Power is a popular choice among advanced and professional tennis players due to its unique combination of power, control, and durability.

This string is made from a high-strength, low-density aluminum alloy that provides a lively and responsive feel, as well as exceptional spin potential. One of the standout features of Luxilon Alu Power is its durability.
The aluminum construction is resistant to notching and fraying, which means that the string can maintain its tension and playability for longer periods compared to traditional gut or synthetic strings.

This can be a significant advantage for players who hit with a lot of spin or power, as they may go through strings more quickly. In terms of playability, Luxilon Alu Power offers a good balance of power and control. The string's low-density aluminum construction provides a springy and lively feel that can help players generate extra power and spin on their shots. The round, smooth surface of the string also aids in lowering friction, enhancing control and precision.

One potential downside of Luxilon Alu Power is that it can be a bit unforgiving for players with less-than-perfect technique. The string's high-tension and firm feel may not be suitable for players who are prone to miss-hits or those who have a more inconsistent stroke.

It is also worth noting that Luxilon Alu Power can be more expensive than some other strings on the market, which may be a factor for players on a budget.

Overall, Luxilon Alu Power is a top-performing string that is well-suited to advanced and professional players who are looking for a high-performance string that offers a combination of power, and control.